Arrest/Mugshot Removal

When reporting on arrests, we believe there is a fine balance between informing the public on news items, and not having a story follow a person on the internet and in search results forever. Here’s that balance we’ve found for Scoop: Wilson, where we publish to: our website, our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Apple News, Google News, Yahoo News, and several mugshot/crime websites, to include white label (privately branded) properties.

We offer free removal of a mugshot-only story/entry, with an average 30-day turnaround, depending on volume. Email or open the chat window at the bottom of the screen to request this. For expedited removal, see the options below.

NOTE: This only applies to mugshots published on, not any news stories published on Scoop: Wilson.

Scoop: Wilson Express Removal Ticket

Scoop: Wilson Express Removal Support Ticket

  • Removal from our website, social media (FB/IG/TW), Google News, & Apple News within 72 hours
  • Submit removal requests for search engine results to our venues (Google/Bing/etc..) – these take additional time to remove from their caches, but are submitted with your request.